David Flix – Monster

David Flix brings new heat to 2020 with his latest, bass infused banger: “Monster”, ridden with dark, brooding textures and middle-eastern inspired elements. Having already released on prestigious labels such Spinnin’ Records and Revealed Recordings, as well as being supported by top tier DJs like Hardwell, and , David Flix is quickly establishing himself as an EDM heavyweight and prominent artist working without limits. His new track, “Monster” serves as a powerful follow up to his previous release earlier this year; “Back 2 U”, throwing listeners into the fire with a drop that flaunts a surprising flute section and pounding bass.

Driven by slick vocals, moody vibes and an enormous, danceable beat,“Monster” transitions from the pop-oriented beginnings of the verses into a roaring, dance anthem in the drops. Staying true to his sound, David Flix masterfully middle-eastern sounds and deep bass lines to craft a hard-hitting, party track and an atmospheric experience that will lull listeners into a deep trance.