David Guetta & MORTEN’s future rave EP & Anthem

David Guetta & MORTEN’s future rave EPThe world famous duo, David Guetta & MORTEN is ready to put out their future rave EP ‘Episode 2’ on their own record label, Future Rave. Named after their new innovative genre “future rave”, Future Rave record label is dedicated to the genre created by the duo. This EP houses tracks that bump the groovy and addictive sound of future rave EDM.

Surprisingly, The future rave movement has been around since 2020 and possibly before. The genre packs a heavy techno style punch, big room style leads, and drums that can groove like your best house tracks. The duo, David & MORTEN have been on top of the new movement since it started. They continue to play their future rave discography to millions. After their sold out US show, millions of online streams, and their Hi Ibiza resisdency this year the duo remains on top.

Inside of the new genre EP

First, on the EP, ‘You Can’t Change Me‘ is the new duo anthem and you can hear why. Impressively, the track features the familiar vocalist RAYE. Not a stranger to EDM, RAYE is a perfect fit for the enormous leads and long builds of future rave. The track certainly sets the mood for this masterpiece of a EP.

Here are comments from by MORTEN and David Guetta:

“I’m really excited to be releasing a second Future Rave EP with David. We’ve been playing a lot of these tracks over the summer, together during our residency at Hï Ibiza but also at festivals all over the world so I think a lot of people will recognize the tracks. The fact that we are able to release this EP on our own label makes it extra special! I can’t believe that what we started 3 years ago has turned into something so huge!”


“After spending the entire summer in Ibiza and playing the new tracks at my Hï Ibiza residency, I couldn’t wait to release them! I’m really happy that we got to work with RAYE again, her voice is absolutely perfect for ‘You Can’t Change Me’ and I love how the track turned out. This EP and our own label is a new chapter for Future Rave, and it’s amazing to see how much impact the sound we created is making!”

– David Guetta

The following tracks consist of ‘Element’, ‘Solar’, ‘Together’, and ‘Juno’. All together, these 4 tracks make up the meat of the future rave EP. Yes, they do have vocals but not all. These tracks are more dedicated to the emphasis of the powerful future rave drops that are secured in this EP. Taking influence from the underground rave scene but still keeping the edges sharp with new age technology, David & MORTEN might of made the best future rave EP to date.

‘Episode 2’ – Spotify