DIESEL and LEVEL UP Bring Out Awesome Beats For ‘NEXT LVL’

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: DIESEL/LEVEL UP/Monstercat

DIESEL, the bass superstar who many fans worldwide also know him as basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, has teamed up with emerging dubstep star LEVEL UP in dropping ‘NEXT LVL’. This amazing collaborative track proves that DIESEL really devotes himself to uplift the next generation of bass-heavy talents who will take the electronic music industry by storm. The rising artist LEVEL UP has been making a name for herself as a spectacular producer who crafts exceptional future bass and heavy-hitting bass music that will get fans turnt up all night.

Before DIESEL and LEVEL UP released ‘NEXT LVL’ via the Monstercat label on Friday, March 8, the track had already gained traction on TikTok when LEVEL UP uploaded an early live version of the track. That version gained over 3.6 million views and 325,000 likes. The popularity of the track on TikTok would then provide a quick boost for the track as it is now an official release on streaming platforms worldwide. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link to stream this sweet-sounding track, which DIESEL had also teased it back at last year’s Lost Lands Festival as well.

The duo of DIESEL and LEVEL UP take bass music to the next level with ‘NEXT LVL’

DIESEL and LEVEL UP releasing ‘NEXT LVL’ comes after the basketball legend has seen vast amounts of positive reviews for his debut album, Gorilla Warfare. DIESEL released Gorilla Warfare last summer, also via Monstercat, and the album contains collaborations with fantastic artists such as CELO, Kompany, Jessica Audiffred, and Crankdat.

LEVEL UP has supported the likes of Subtronics and Excision at top events such as EDC Las Vegas and Red Rocks over the past couple years. As a result of the support that the artist has provided for the recognizable talents of bass and dubstep (and the same goes from those talents to her as well), LEVEL UP continues to move up (no pun intended) through the ranks of bass artists who will become one of the world’s best in the next several years. With this collaboration with DIESEL, there is no doubt she will get to the top in a quick manner.