DJ Drist Is Back With His Latest EDM/House Track; “City Lights”

Hailing from Poland, Dj Drist is coming back in the game after long 8 years of absence with an EDM/House track, “City Lights,”
which in a perfect world would have been set to be the bombs on all the dancefloors in the clubs but due to COVID-19 all is left for us, the people who strive to visit a music festival, is to go crazy with dance moves vibin to this dazzling track in our own homes.

Despite the fact of being away from the music industry DJ Drist didn’t loosen his grip and skillfully juggles between different genres, from Future House, Electro, House to Progressive depicting it in his art which has already proven to spark mass appeal among connoisseurs of the genre and beyond.

With such a release, Drist definitely begins to master the music world around him, and we are thrilled to see him back!

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