DJ Snake Set To Play First Ever Bass Music Only Set At Lost Lands

DJ Snake, the renowned French DJ and producer, known for his chart-topping and electrifying hits, is about to make history at Excision’s Lost Lands Festival in September. For the first time ever, he will be stepping out of his mainstream comfort zone to deliver a Bass-music-only set, promising an unforgettable experience for fans and a chance for the artist to unleash his raw, unfiltered creativity.

It all started when Jeff, better known as Excision, approached DJ Snake with a revolutionary idea, “No rules, just go as hard as you want to”. The two visionary artists were discussing the constraints of playing on main stages, where commercial appeal often dictates the setlist. DJ Snake, known for his diverse range of music, yearned to push the boundaries and deliver a set that truly represents his passion for Bass music. Excision, the mind behind Lost Lands Festival, offered DJ Snake an unprecedented opportunity — to close out the festival with an explosive Bass-only set. No boundaries, no restrictions, just the freedom to go as hard as he desires. This collaboration between two powerhouse artists aims to redefine the festival experience and give fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness DJ Snake in his element.

Known for his chart-topping hits like ‘Lean On’ and ‘Taki Taki’, DJ Snake has captivated audiences worldwide with his infectious beats and genre-defying sound. However, a hidden passion lies in the world of Bass music, where he can let loose and push the boundaries of creativity. This exclusive performance at Lost Lands Festival promises to showcase a side of DJ Snake that fans have never seen before.

The Evolution Of DJ Snake

Photo credit: GQ UK

DJ Snake, born William Sami Étienne Grigahcine, has carved a name for himself in the music industry with worldwide records over the years. From his early days as a producer in the underground Parisian scene to headlining major festivals around the world, he’s always innovated, and that’s what keeps him atop the scene: he’s a genre-bender.

While DJ Snake is widely recognized for his mainstream hits like ‘Lean On‘ and ‘Turn Down for What‘, his roots in Bass music run deep. Once his main focus as a producer, Lost Lands will see him return to the first-ever Snake identity after a long chapter in more commercial grounds.

Lost Lands Festival

Lost Lands Festival made its debut in 2017, taking place in Thornville, Ohio. Founded by Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision, the festival was born out of a desire to create a unique and immersive experience for Bass music fans. Since its inception, Lost Lands has grown in popularity, attracting thousands of attendees each year and solidifying its reputation as one of the premier Bass festivals in the world.

Each year, the gathering features a lineup of some of the biggest names in the genre and beyond, with Excision himself headlining the event. From Dubstep to Drum and Bass, the festival showcases a diverse range of artists and genres, creating a sonic landscape that is as thrilling as it is electrifying. With its larger-than-life stage production and jaw-dropping visuals, Lost Lands offers an audiovisual experience like no other, leaving attendees in awe of the sheer magnitude of the event.