EDC Lineup Announcement Via Megamix Is Back!

Once upon a time (four years ago, before the COVID-19 Pandemic), during the peak of festival culture and organization, Insomniac Events owner and the mastermind behind EDC Las Vegas, Pasquale Rotella would announce the massive festival lineup over a live stream. However, he would not be saying every name on the list… The Insomniac team would, in fact, create a megamix of all artists featured on the lineup spanning across all genres and all eight (at the time) stages. This was a great tactic, and led to massive engagement from fans and headliners. It was also a super creative way to share the music that was to be featured at the festival that year to new audiences.

A lot has changed since 2019, however, the megamix is back this year! A sure sign that the festival industry is stabilizing and artists and promoters are able to lock down lineups way ahead of time. Hopefully, the tradition sticks this time! The mix will drop February 29th, meaning we’ll finally get a glimpse into the lineup for EDC Las Vegas 2024.