EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Ashley Paul x Luv Foundation (UK)

“Luv Foundation (UK) doesn’t have a set genre but we have a huge love for 90s dance club music, we love bringing a happy vibe to the dance world but we are open minded to all things club and cross-over.”

Just one month removed from the release of ‘Bingo Baby’, a single that has amassed over 800 thousand streams across all platforms, Ashley Paul & the duo of Julian Napolitano and Mark Loverush, known as Luv Foundation (UK), offer up their next single titled ‘Hearts Up’. Much like what came before, this new single is an emotional hands in the air summer smash that will be an instant hit with dance music lovers across the globe.

Not the first time these artists would work together, Ashley Paul and Luv Foundation (UK) have previously proved to be a match made in heaven with the releases of ‘Love Light Me Up’, ‘Blindfolded’, ‘Bingo Baby‘, and now they add ‘Hearts Up’ to that list of hits. For this one they linked up with the super successful songwriter Lucas Marx who’s had over 18 Million Spotify streams and co-wrote Katy Perry’s ‘Electric’ single for Pokemon movie, the amazing results are there to be heard.

Hearts Up’ begins with a four on the floor house beat that sets the tone for what’s to come. It doesn’t take long for Ashley Paul’s tremendous vocals are introduced and take center stage. As the single progresses, Luv Foundation (UK) pair those vocals with euphoric synths and melodies that build hype towards the drop. When the drop comes we are hit with a massive wave of uplifting energy that you can’t get enough of. The remainder of the single keeps delivering with those euphoric and uplifting vibes, making this the perfect summertime anthem.

Available to stream on Soundcloud below, ‘Hearts Up’ will be available on all streaming platforms on May 17th via Dauman Music & Xelon Digital

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“As Luv Foundation (UK, both Julian Napolitano and myself started our careers as DJs in the 90s and nineteens and have always had a huge love of dance music as teenagers. In the year 2000 I launched my dance act Loverush UK! collaborating with the likes of Paul Oakenfold who snapped my debut single Perfect Honey (Temptation) with Marc Almond on Perfecto Records, a few years later our remix of Paul Oakenfold’s smash ‘Firefly’ with Matt Goss became the main version of the song and reached over a million hits on YouTube, more collaborations with the likes of Shelley Harland, Carla Werner, Sylvia Tosun and Molly Bancroft all became huge major club hits. In 2013 we co-written with Bryan Adams on the Russian No.1 hit single ‘Tonight In Babylon’.

Also that year we teamed up with the late legendary Mory Kante with the re-release of ‘Yeke Yeke’ which was a global hit worldwide and has had over 12 million hits on YouTube alone. Loverush UK! split in 2013 and I went on dabbling in a few other projects but stopped making music when I went into acting in 2018, it wasn’t until 2023 I went back to my true passion of making music, teaming up with Julian to form Luv Foundation (UK).

In the late 90s Julian Napolitano had major club anthems as JDS ‘Nine Ways” signed to Pete Tong’s FFRR imprint, Mankey ‘Believe In Me’ signed to Ministry Of Sound and Perpetual Motion ‘Keep On Dancing ‘Let’s Go” snapped up by Positiva Records and hit the Top 20 of the UK OCC Sales Chart. Julian is also known as one half of the Soul Seekerz a house act of the noughties that was a popular act with Djs across the globe, he went on to create Ruff Loaderz which has been growing from strength to strength and over 250 million Spotify streams. He is also known as Manston & Simms with DJ Andy Manston who was also half of Mankey and Perpetual Motion and has had releases out on the legendary Perfect Havoc. Check out Julian’s Discogs, I have to say it’s extremely impressive.”

Ashley says… “I believe I was hearing notes and poems in my head from the age of a young girl . I started w piano , played by ear .. much to the dismay of my piano teacher. However Once I discovered disco at around 9 years old ,and the ability to perform on stage ,,, that was it for me, Donna summer ,was my absolute inspiration. I sang her tracks often and even nabbed a role in a touring show across the USA where I was featured as a child disco diva singing “on the radio “ dressed in red satin disco pants. I continued that pursuit ,still taking classical piano on the side and entering some competitions… but dance music was always calling for me . After a long career stint aged 9-17 of off broadway ,musical theater and disco cabaret shows in NYC (also very dramatic type of music ) I met up with a producer named Joel Diamond who had mentored Gloria Gaynor and he introduced me to the track When boys cry … 17 I had my first Billboard Hit. The day I found out was one of the top two most amazing days of my life… I think my most favorite gig during that time was at Studio 54 , the stage was so high and thin I thought I’d dance myself off of it !! It was exhilarating.

Somehow after that I worked with many different producers all around the globe and had my first EDM style song in the 90s called ‘Color Me Yours’ produced in Germany, I just kept going with ‘Weaving In’ and ‘Out Of My Life,’ ‘Don’t Take Back Your Love’ and this kind of love through the 90s… in the past 4 years I started writing more of my own dance tracks collaborating with the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with… Luv Foundation being the best and most talented and really magic sounds for me…When I hear a track they have finished it is so effortless to find synchronicity, immediate inspiration .as they sound like they wrote it up in heaven. Anyone who listens to what they did to Bingo Baby knows that they can completely transform a lovely track into something that can bring the world together. When I heard Hearts Up however I knew that this might be the most special song I will ever collaborate on .. that is how deeply moved I was by the track, before we even added lyrics, more melody lines and vocals. I find inspiration for songs ideas on my journey of seeing the greater picture in our destiny. To feel that something bigger than ourselves is out there sending love and guidance, true spirit and kindness. Music to me now is my community ,not just my passion. That is what propels me so fervently and that is my message. That and an occasional flirty thought.”

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