EDMTunes Chats with the Enigmatic EMPEROR

We are all still recovering from Miami Music Week, where EDMTunes had a chance to sit with the mysterious DJ EMPEROR. Our first of MMW and guess what EMPEROR’s first ever live interview sit tight and get to know more about this mystifying DJ.

So, I’m Scott with EDM Tunes, I’m here with EMPEROR and, this is my first interview of Music week. So, Congratulations to you for being my first. I hear this is your first, in-person interview as well, right.

So we have something in common because we could both be a little bit nervous.

So, tell me a little bit about yourself for those of you who aren’t here and EMPEROR is new on the scene project, you’re Anonymous. I’m here with you and you’re in a full mask attire. So, tell me a little bit about how that idea came about.

I think for me, especially EMPEROR, it is more about expressing yourself without limitations on people’s viewpoints of you. I’m trying to be so cryptic. I guess originally outside of who I am as an artist, I wanted to do something completely different and I felt stagnant with what I was already doing and I’ve always loved techno. So honestly, this was just like a sporadic thought in my mind and I just put it into action. This is actually something that I developed three years ago. Now it is finally done and you’re going to love it.

So I’m seeing your mask gives me kind of Roman Greek Vibes, makes sense with EMPEROR. Was that the plan?

Yes, it was exactly. Because EMPEROR stands for you and your own in power. You’re your EMPEROR, you decide what you’re going to do with your life, your thoughts, your feelings, and emotions. I feel like we need more people like that who are just going to stand up and say, you know what, I’m in control of my life. You know, no amount of likes or nobody’s opinions is going to tell you how long they feel about everything, you know what I mean, right?

So that, brings me to the idea that a lot of DJs, back in the, we’ll call it the marshmallow era of anonymous DJs. There was a sense that it was done as a marketing gimmick but you’re actually coming at it from a totally different angle, right? So tell us a little about the difference.

I think the difference between me and without putting those guys under any kind of crosshair, I think I’m doing this by myself as an expression. I have a great team behind me. A great management, you know Sarah’s great. I was just doing this out of I wanted to show people that it was okay and just come out and express yourself freely. Maybe behind a mask, maybe not behind a mask but the difference between me and that whole scene is just, I don’t know, I guess I’m still trying to figure it out. But for the most part it’s just I’m willing to do whatever I need to do and whatever I want to do.

So even though you’re kind of new on the scene in terms of EMPEROR, you already have some support from big names like Carl Cox or Nicole Moudaber. These artists that you knew in your past life so to speak or how did their ears find your music?

I think, as we know half of this industry is relationships, networking, marketing yourself. Outside of EMPEROR, I did have a lot of great relationships. I’ve talked to a lot of people who know who I am, but it’s not really about who I am behind this. My identity is in what I create, who I am, what my name is and all that stuff it is kind of super irrelevant. So, I mean, eventually people are going to figure out who I am. So I had a lot of support from a lot of guys like, Thomas Gold and Robbie Rivera are good friends of mine. And a lot of other people.

Tell me a little bit about your sound now, when I see your face mask, and I think of the that kind of Roman Greek Motif.

What do you think of it, if have you heard and seen the music video and heard the stuff that I put out before. What was your impression before the music, what did you think of it?

So that’s what I was going to get at with you. It kind of reminds me a little bit of kind of Darker melodic techno type of sound. I can’t help but think of Carmine from Tale Of Us MRAK project they like to do. They like to do a lot of Renaissance paintings on the screen and all that type of stuff seems like totally the kind of vibe that you’re in. Am I right?

Super awesome questions, they really stump me. I’m not gonna lie. As far as the creation goes I guess that’s just what’s inside me internally. And what I create, for example, secret society was more about an expression of having that privacy. Or like when we’re on the dance floor and this group of people over here use Snapchat and all that other stuff. We’re here enjoying the moment. This is the secret society here. Then you come listen to Bambino which is my record coming off Friday. It’s just super emotional. So I mean, everything sounds different. And I think that’s the most beautiful part about, I’m not trying to create something that somebody else or trying to mimic somebody else. I’m putting my heart out there saying.

This is what I sound like this is, you know if my heart had a sound, this would be it. And the other stuff that I’m working on. I’m not gonna say it’s a definite but working with Nicole getting a vocal from her on a track called ‘Ruler’. I’m trying to finish up the record and just everything moving forward is going to sound so different and I think, the fans are gonna love it and they’re gonna anticipate the next single because it’s a surprise.

So a little birdie told me that you’re happy playing on any type of stage. Could be big stage, small stage techno stage, non-techno stage, is there anything that you’re looking out into the future and saying you want to play this particular event or you’d love to be on this particular lineup?

I mean it’s different because, I’ll play for 10 people in the basement, if they’re loving it. Then I’d play for 10,000 people, who are also loving it. I think the love that I have is just connecting with people and seeing that they actually enjoy, what you’re creating.

For Miami Music Week, you told me already that you’ve been here a little bit before. Tell me a little bit about your experiences in the past here and then what you’re trying to do at music week this year? Do you have any performances this week?

I’ve played in Wynwood and I played All up and down South Beach. And I guess this year, I have just different goals and aspirations of what I want to do. Before, I was more of a social bug. And this time around, I’m not so much as a social bug because it’s kind of difficult to have a relationship when you look like this. What am I trying to do this time? I think, this time down here, I just want people to know that I am. I don’t want to be seen too much, but I want them to know that I was here. So that this whole year when we come rolling out, they’ll be ready for me. And I’m hoping that people will receive it well.

For this week, we’re being kind of being picky and choosy, we’re not just gonna take anything. I’m doing a show in Seattle in 10 days or so. But as far as right now, my music week, we don’t have anything planned.

So in keeping with your identity here, if you’re out and about at music week, no one’s going to know who you are. Are you going to be in your mask or are you going to be incognito?

Guess we’ll never know. But, we do have plans to roll into a few parties. We kind of want to get in get out and because nobody knows who I am. There’s the Curiosity and then there’s the, people want to ask you questions. So yeah, we’re gonna roll in and out, the beauty is that I can just hop back out in the car. Take my mask out, you get back in but right. It’s obvious.

So obviously, you must be a fan of the scene too. Are there any events that you’ve seen for the roster this week that got your attention that you’d be interested in checking out?

Honestly, Sarah keeps me pretty busy. I looked at my schedule and I was like, I’m not gonna have no time for myself. But I’m so thankful for it. There’s a few parties I would like to get to. We’re gonna go to the Nicole Moudaber party. I believe Joseph Capriati is doing a party that we’re gonna make it to as well.

So you mentioned a little about your new single that’s coming out this Friday. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about how that came about and then what you have in store musically for the next year or so.

‘Bambino Regno’ means like a child victim. So I made a personal choice to just lay off the alcohol for a little while. Because I felt like it’s starting to consume what I was doing at the time. So last year I just kind of went cold turkey, stopped drinking. And, Bambino happened. I sat there and I went to a few meetings and you know, I’m human. I started to learn about like different traumas and triggers and things like that. It’s something that struck me was I’ve never really set and thought about, how I grew up. So when I thought about how I grew up and brought up a lot of things and Child kingdom is for me. The record is just an expression of, discovering what you went through and using it as a benefit, as opposed to, being a victim.

So I’m really really excited to see what people think about that record. I mean it’s super emotional. It’s hard for me to listen to it to be honest. Playing it, is going to be a whole lot different. If nobody can see that, I’m gonna be crying with you really. Other records that we have coming out, we’re trying to get a collab with a few other artists. We have a lot of records and we have an arsenal of things we’re still trying to just figure out what makes sense to go out first. So yeah, a lot of good records coming up, though.

So tell me a little bit about your Secret Society tour and what you’re looking to do with it.

We’re working with Agito, he’s out of Europe, a great guy still getting to know him. We’re booking the Secret Society tour! It’s really just going to be a good vibe and we’re thinking we want to bring exposure to the fact that people should start enjoying the atmosphere because clubs have gotten different. I want people there who love the music. There are people around, who are just there for the bottle service. And it’s like for me as a DJ if I’m playing and they’re just over here, makes me feel a hire a jukebox? So Secret Society tour is just about bringing awareness to we have a thing. We are trying to maintain being able to come to the club and express yourself and dance. Shake all the dramas and stresses you have built up throughout the day. So we are still booking dates for that, the first one will be coming up to Seattle.

And is there going to be a certain visual flare that you’re looking to make a signature? That’s kind of the thing these days.

As you know things they build over time, they don’t have a whole grand scheme of what this is going to look like. But just picture a masquerade with lots of masks and candles. It’s going to be really cool. If you get people mandatory masks and not pulling their phones out as much, they might just enjoy it a little bit.

I like it and so you’re actually working with a team for this tour that’s more associated with the trance world. So are you looking to be more broad in your musical tastes that you might mix into that trance world a little bit? It’s a very interesting combination.

I wouldn’t say trance. You know I come from a huge love of house and disco. I don’t know what the sound is gonna sound like in years from now, but for right now, let’s just say a cinematic technique. It’s gonna be very theatrical that’s for sure.

Any last closing words for fans that have yet to see you live and should discover your music.

Yeah, make sure you follow me, send me some love and I will do the best I can to respond back. And look out for all the stuff we got coming up this year to be excited. I look forward to trying to include everybody involved, as much as I possibly can.

We thank EMPEROR for taking the time during MMW to chat with us. Out now is his new single ‘BAMBINO REGNO‘. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts. Stay tuned to EDMtunes for all our exclusive chats with your favourite artists out there and to get to them better.

*Photo Credits – EMPEROR Instagram