EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 15 (Part Two)

Because one wasn’t enough this week.


Here are even more of our top picks for our New Music Friday series, in no particular order.

Logan Garrett feat. Skizzy Mars – Deep End

Genre: Tech House

You can tell Tech House rules. We couldn’t resist fitting one more track in this week’s compilation. And, I’d say, with good reason. Don’t believe me? Here’s ‘Deep End‘, the latest track from Nashville producer Logan Garrett, featuring the triplet-tempo lines from Skizzy Mars.

What’s quite special about this track is how dynamic and fresh it sounds. It’s a bomb from start to finish, but presenting and departing various textures and elements in and out of the scene. All while maintaining the high energy so synonym to this genre. It’s catchy, quite so!

Innellea – The Oar I Never Got

Genre: Drum & Bass

German sensation Innellea is back with quite the track this time. Unveiled, premiered, tested and approved during his latest album tour, ‘The Oar I Never Got‘ comes to grace your favourite day of the week with a daring, melodic and fast-paced composition that blends the best of the slower BPM progressions with the energy of Drum & Bass.

He reflects on the single as a very special moment for him as an artist: “Ever felt like you’re drifting, like you’re always in the wrong place? Yeah, me too. But this track is about finding that missing piece, that sense of belonging. It’s a mix of hope and reminiscence, blending experimental synth waves with a touch of Jungle vibes“.

The 1975 – Oh Caroline (TATE SEDAR Remix)

Genre: Bass House, Progressive House

Oh, this track. Upon first listen, we got sent ten years back in a heartbeat. Such a vibe, such an exquisite blend of elements, none super overwhelming but certainly none underwhelming. We’re talking about TATE SEDAR‘s remix of The 1975’s hit, ‘Oh Caroline‘. It’s so good we’ve had to break the self-imposed No-SoundCloud rule again. Is it even a rule anymore?

This really screams 2014-2015. The style of the arrangement is the portrayal of a car ride with friends down a coastal highway. Good times, laughs, loud music, a memorable day ahead. While you’re waiting for summer to arrive, this is the perfect way to get in the mood. Oh, little detail, you can claim your free copy on the embed below!

Wassu & Phonic Youth – Clarity

Genre: Organic House

This track right here. Sooooo goooood. What’s better than Wassu? Wassu alongside Phonic Youth, and released on Colorize. We’re so excited to pick this track as our Organic House representative of the week. Because this truly embodies everything the genre should contain: groove, melody, good vibes, and danceability. 10 points.

Enjoy the soft, warm soul of ‘Clarity‘, a piece that is best enjoyed either with eyes closed, or eyes opened in front of a sunset. Hypnotic elements carry you away, and rainy textures caress your ears in between beats, to keep you hooked while you’re not moving from side to side. Quality in its purest form.

Maddo – Close Your Eyes

Genre: Happy Hardcore, Trance

After featuring his track ‘Bad Habit’ on one of last month’s NMFs, Irish producer Maddo is back on our roundup, presenting his latest, and frankly gigantic, new tune titled ‘Close Your Eyes‘. A journey through the senses, and a surprising pat on the back that can double play as a festival closer as well.

With a vibe that can be best described as an unlikely yet very well-executed middle ground between Happy Hardcore and Trance, ‘Close Your Eyes’ is one of those special tracks where melody and feeling meet untameable force. The kick-rolling bass pairing will have you dancing out your best moves, that we’re sure of! Listen and figure out yourself.

Final Words

Stay tuned, for more of our compilations every Friday — based on demand. See you in two weeks, as I’ll be away next Friday. We return on W17! And be sure to follow EDMTunes for all the latest news and reviews that revolve around our beloved Electronic Dance Music.