EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 18

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Luvstruck – Sinister

Genre: Trance

Following Bebé from up close lately, we’re super glad to kick off this week’s NMF with their most recent release. UK-based Luvstruck has been setting the dancefloor on fire worldwide, and his latest release is no exception. In fact, it found a home at Bebé due to its vintage-sounding nature, which is an absolute “Mmmmm” for any Trance lover.

Sinister‘, the A-side of a two-track EP, draws inspiration from the 90s classic ‘Nightmare’ by Brainbug, incorporating euphoric chords, staccato strings, and an irresistible yesteryear beat. Once a sought-after ID from FLY Open Air festival in Edinburgh, it is now out for the world to enjoy.

TMPST & Phil Odd – Dimensions

Genre: Melodic House

This is a melodic House tune that came to life in the Swedish woods“. That’s what I was told upon hearing this track for the first time. and let me tell you, its description matched the vibe perfectly. TMPST and Phil Odd joined forces to create this beautiful piece of chill Melodic House.

Through warm arpeggios, analogue-sounding synths, and quite clever sound design, ‘Dimensions‘ is able to carry you away, deep into the woods, and deep into a place of calm and soother. We truly love the vibes it portrays. And judging by the amount of playlist adds it’s had just mere hours after its release, we are not the only ones feeling that way.

Marian Klose – On My Mind

Genre: Drum & Bass

Not a stranger to the series at all, German producer Marian Klose returns to our NMFs via his track ‘On My Mind‘, a beautiful piece of heartwarming light Drum & Bass ready to take you to new heights. Press play, then read on. We want you as hooked as we are.

Blending fast-paced Breakbeat percussion rolls, liquid basslines, processed vocals, touching strings, and a bunch of thoughtful melodic elements, this song comfortably sits somewhere between the calm of Liquid D&B and the energy of Breaks, all without leaving the emotional component behind.

Yannick Mueller – Tabule

Genre: Melodic Techno

Another talented artist we welcome back to New Music Friday this week comes in the form of Swiss Yannick Mueller. A nonconformist since his youth, he found solace in music. His unique style blends Deep House, Progressive House, Techno, and Disco, creating deeply emotional and transcendent soundscapes.

Mueller has crafted quite the savoury piece. ‘Tabule‘ is all about the subtle, fine line between the grooviness of Melodic Techno and the depth and complexity of Trance. This track has both aspects, which, when blended in the way he did, turned out to have the best of both worlds. We’re honestly in awe. The final product is absolute class.

Mister Tickle Hands – Dancefloor (11:56 PM)

Genre: Electro

Musical duo Mister Tickle Hands defies easy categorization. Their music evokes a unique blend of Electronic Dance vibes, childhood nostalgia, romantic themes, and darker elements. Attributable to founders Roshane Karunaratne and Andrew Robinson’s experience in the craft, they make music that impacts, and stands out due to its originality.

Such is the case of their most recent endeavour, ‘Dancefloor (11:56 PM)‘, which can, and will, make you feel different from the very first note and chord. That’s just how it is. Can we describe it as Daft Punk meets Justice meets mid-2000s Electro? Maybe. It’s quite a complex sound to box it, basically anywhere. You’ll have to be the judge. For now, though, the key takeaway is that we’re having a blast!

CHANEY – I Choose You

Genre: House, Disco

Toolroom does it again, ay! If you needed a track that screams “Summer“, this is the one. CHANEY and the label have been on a roll together, racking up over 40 million streams in just 3 years. The British artist shows no signs of stopping, getting ready for a packed schedule including gigs in London, New York, Canada, and an Australian tour planned for the following weeks.

I Choose You‘ is not your ordinary track, though. Everything in this record is original and written by CHANEY’s own hands from the self-played bass line, lush Rhodes chords and distinctive, poignant vocals. Its energy truly oozes sunshine and feel-good vibes, just in time for sun-kissed afternoons by the Mediterranean coast.

SIB – Warm Rain

Genre: Melodic Techno, Progressive House

We close this week’s NMF with rising artist SIB. Raised in a musical family, he started playing piano at a young age and transitioned to DJing by 15. After years of development, he struck the Dance scene in 2019 with a mature sound characterised by emotional melodies and driving grooves.

His latest release, ‘Warm Rain‘ is precisely what he’s known for: groove, deep beats, and beautiful melodic layers as far as the ear can perceive. Artists such as Vintage Culture, Richie Hawtin, Oliver Heldens, Joris Voorn, and Paco Osuna have already given the track a spin. So if they did, why don’t you? Here, put on your best set of headphones.

Final Words

Stay tuned, for more of our compilations every Tuesday and Friday — based on demand. And be sure to follow EDMTunes for all the latest news and reviews that revolve around our beloved Electronic Dance Music!