EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 8

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Arcando & Micah Martin – When I’m Gone

Genre: Future Bass, Rock

Kicking off this week’s New Music Friday we have a returning talent. Arcando was first featured back in December of last year in one of our NMF articles, and then once again earlier this month. We’re so glad the same guy who delivers samples for Splice also delivers bangers to the public light. His latest work is a collaboration with Micah Martin, which will leave you begging for more.

Here is ‘When I’m Gone‘, a savoury fusion of Future Bass, Drum and Bass, and Rock. It is a truly daring combination, but one which turned out great. For those who grew up playing the early or Black Box Need For Speed games, this one might hit home. Have a listen and experience the nostalgia for yourself.

Crystal Skies feat. Luxtides – Other Side

Genre: Future Bass

And speaking about nostalgia, Crystal Skies are bringing the feels with their new single ‘Other Side‘. The American duo, composed of Britian Holcomb and Aaron Dawson, has turned into a sensation within the industry, turning into a core Future Bass act in the process.

‘Other Side’ features the soft, lovely vocals of Luxtides in a track that is emotional, keeping you on the edge of tears, just to have you throw your arms high up in the air preceding the absolute masterpiece of a release entering the drop. Such a beautiful track. We’re glad to have new material from the duo: their sophomore album Stardust just came out today! This is just one of the ten gems you’ll find in there.

Nicholas Gunn & Harshil Kamdar feat. Alina Renae – Here I Am (Richard Durand Remix)

Genre: Trance

Staying in the topic of melody and emotion, here’s a combination of talents we very dearly love to see. In fact, we covered the original track upon its release back in May of last year. Music expert Nicholas Gunn has produced it all, from Ambient to Trance. He recently founded the Blue Dot Trance imprint with ‘Here I Am‘, a collaboration between him, rising talent Harshil Kamdar, and vocalist Alina Renae.

And this week was a very special one for the world of Trance, for it saw the release of yet another veteran’s revision of this track. Enter Richard Durand. One who has produced incredible tracks like ‘The Air I Breathe‘ and ‘Not Afraid‘ alongside Gunn himself, now adds to his strikingly large discography a very special take on BDT’s founding single.


Genre: Drum and Bass

We were told Aussie bloke B.O.M could do no wrong. Well, we decided to test that theory, and found out. After a stellar 2023 which granted the artist large releases, including one in Spinnin’ Records, this year he’s bound to keep the energy up and running. Rumours say he’s been signed to UKF for a future single!

FREE‘ kicks off B.O.M’s year, and it does so in style. Recorded on a UK writing camp with the CruCast label, the track pairs beautiful vocals with the tastiest of Drum and Bass beats. Listen to the crispiness of those rolls, and how the snare takes you on a ride. Even the main lead went on a ride, tremolo-panned all over the place. Mmmmmmmmm.

MaRLo & Dimatik – Giratina Reborn

Genre: Psytrance, Techno

You might remember this one from 2015. It was all over the world, all over social media, and it was a banger. Dimatik, hailing from Adelaide, Australia, decided to give his viral track a remake, with the help of none other than legend MaRLo, yet another Aussie bloke — they’re delivering this week, ay?!

Watch the original ‘Giratina’ make a firework-worthy comeback in the form of ‘Giratina Reborn‘, a Psytrance / Techno hybrid with unpredictable behaviour. This tune will take you on a rollercoaster ride, through gated, galloping sections, and oomphy segments, all while bringing your favourite Indian-styled vocal back to the spotlight.

Swimming Paul – Lost

Genre: House

I think I may be lost“. That’s how ‘Lost‘, the latest track from rising French producer Swimming Paul, starts. Drawing inspiration from the early days of House music, Paul firmly believes Dance has much more to it than just a beat and melodies on top of it. And he sends messages through his compositions, hoping to unite people through his craft.

‘Lost’ explores heartbreak and the deep, overwhelming world around it. Surprisingly, the track takes such a positive and hopeful approach to it, you stop worrying and start moving to the beat. Moving, mind you, to the warm, funky, melodic beat Paul has poured into this song. We’ve been listening to this one on repeat this week if we’re completely honest.

NEIL FRANCES – Some Kind of Static (Alan Braxe Remix)

Genre: Nu Disco

We couldn’t have ended this week’s compilation with a better track. LA duo NEIL FRANCES, comprising Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry, went viral in their very first year, with a cover of the timeless hit by Stardust‘s ‘Music Sounds Better With You‘. They’ve grown B-I-G-big since then. Seven years later, they’re riding the joy of a dream come true.

Stardust, the one-hit-wonder 1998 band which would serve as a starting point for Feller and Gilfry years later, was a project by Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe, and Benjamin Diamond. Well, NEIL FRANCES managed to lock in a remix from Braxe himself for one of the tracks of their latest album, It’s All a Bit Fuzzy. A full-circle moment, for sure. When we played this track for the first time it grabbed us and just wouldn’t let go. There was a little nostalgic something we couldn’t pinpoint, but surely felt. Upon research, we now understand why. Listen to Alan Braxe’s remix of NEIL FRANCE’s ‘Some Kind Of Static‘ below. Get ready to fly away.

Final Words

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