Em Exposes Listeners To The Essence Of Life On Pathway to Aetheria

New Jersey-bred multi-talented retro-pop artist EM is following-up on her previous release, her self-titled debut album, with a new record bearing the mysterious name of Pathway To Aetheria. It has been years that EM had this record in mind, with some of the songs listed on it being the first songs she ever created, and this shows clearly when one listens carefully. It is rather rare to have the privilege of witnessing the rise of such substantial artists who felt they were born for this one purpose; create and share. 

Her endless passion for music, spirituality, tarot, mysticism, and everything related to the sacred, is deeply present throughout this wonderful album, and the inspiring aspect of it is that she shares all these essential teachings and lessons learned over the year through revealing her very own experiences. 

Em says it best: ”Through my music, I hope to answer what people’s spirits have been yearning for… peace, clarity, awareness, love. Joy, freedom, and strength.”