Emily Litta Transports Fans Back To The ‘90s With “Show Up” Music Video

Multicultural Singer-songwriter Emily Litta shared the music video for her latest single “Show Up.” Directed and shot by Alex Klover Guccione and Paul Guccione, the ‘90s themed visuals take viewers on a nostalgic ride to old school Pop culture days.

Recorded in the form of a vlog, the clip features Litta in a home setting. The up-and-coming artist reveals that most of her musical inspiration comes from late ‘90s Pop/R&B and early 2000s era, admitting that she will always be a Millennial at heart. 

Emily Litta explains how she is “always trying to bring back that MTV, pre social-media feeling we used to get. I want my music to feel like waking up to watch music videos and buying CDs at the mall. We used a lot of synths from back when, kept it simple, vocal layering and a little rap moment too.”

“Show Up” unveils Litta’s vulnerability and inner world, at the same time helping her shine through with the introspective lyrics, “I’m just a little bit just a little bit stuck in the middle but/ I’m a little bit scared of my enemies/ cause they look like everything I wanna be/ But I’m a fighter, a live wire/ I could’ve followed all my fears but I’m tired/ I’m a fighter, a live wire/ I could’ve followed all my fears but I’m/ I’m through.”

Inspired by artists like Rosalía, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and Daft Punk, Emily Litta would love to expand her horizons, releasing more genre-bending tracks that incorporate Techno, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Jazz. 

Watch the Official Video for “Show Up” here: