Emma Hewitt Releases ‘COLLIDE’

Emma Hewitt continues to explore new musical territories with her gorgeous, original tracks and carefully curated remixes. Her talent is shown yet again with her new track, ‘COLLIDE’ – available on all platforms via Black Hole Recordings. This track will be found on the Australian-born singer-songwriter’s upcoming artist album, Ghost of the Light.

The at-once achingly beautiful and irresistibly foot-shifting, ‘Into My Arms’ saw Emma Hewitt light up summer’s club floors with a diverse, world-class remix package. In joining forces with Markus Schulz, Miss Monique, and Steve Brian, a wealth of took the release down a number of stylistic paths – swiftly amassing over 1.5 million streams across all platforms.

Emma’s original vision for ‘COLLIDE’ shifts away from the downtempo, cinematic mastery of ‘Into My Arms’ and displays yet another layer of depth to the artist with a distinct nod to her 80s and 90s early influences.

Backed by a rich sonic landscape of lush synths, driving beats, and dreamy guitar melodies, Emma’s yearning words resound with the freedom of youth, dancing down night-time streets with nothing to loose and of endless possibility.

I didn’t know how high I was back then, but I do now…

Emma Hewitt

Emma and Ben Nicky flip the stylistic switch on their version and send ‘COLLIDE’ deep … deep into the dancefloor night. Along with its tempo, everything from its galloping drums, lucent harmonies, furious snares, and hands-to-the-sky synths are tweaked for maximum overdrive. In doing so, ‘COLLIDE’ takes on an even more optimistic nature, filling the club with hope, promise, and a no-bounds uplift.

You can listen to Emma Hewitt- ‘COLLIDE’ below!