Empress Of shares new song “One Breath”

Empress Of shares new song “One Breath” Empress Of. Photo by Dorian Lopez  

Lorely Rodriguez a.k.a. Empress Of has teamed up with the youth mental health campaign Sound it Out for a new song called “One Breath.” The track was made in collaboration with Marianne, a 14-year-old Honduran-American teenager, whose real-life experiences were incorporated into the song’s lyrics and creation.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Rodriguez and Marianne spoke about how it feels to be pulled between two different cultures. “What I felt like as a kid,” Rodriguez says, “I would go to school and it would be a totally different life. You’re American, and then you come home, and you’re Honduran.”

Listen to “One Breath” below, followed by the behind-the-scenes footage. Empress Of released her latest album I’m Your Empress Of in 2020.