Enny’s “Peng Black Girls” video shows love for her clique

The first thing that hits you about Enny‘s “Peng Black Girls” is the London rapper’s effortless flow. She floats over the beat, dropping her lyrics about “The growth, the light, the pain,” with a unique ease. She even finds time for a shot at her peers who don’t find it so easy (“How’d you keep rapping off beat, bro? How?”). Joined by Amia Brave on guest vocals, the song is built for endless replays.

The main crux of “Peng Black Girls,” however, is community; speaking out loud the praise we should all share for one those around us more often. Enny’s love for the women that surround her, be it friends or family, shines through in the video, premiering above. Whether she’s in traditional Nigerian dress at her south Lonon home, or looking to ready to party next to a vintage BMW, Enny keeps her circle tight and full of love.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Enny said: “The video is sort of an ode to being multidimensional. We can be classy, cultured, or hood but there’s no right or wrong way to be a black girl.”

Hit play on the video above now.

Thumbnail image via Timothy Spurr.