EST Gee lounges on “Lamborghini Geeski”

EST Gee never seems too worried. On his new track, “Lamborghini Geeski,” the Louisville rapper monotones over a gloomy piano beat and claps of thunder. The song follows the release of Gee’s July CMG/Warlike/Interscope debut, Bigger Than Life or Death, which peaked at seventh on the Billboard charts. Before that record, he self-released four full-length projects between 2019 and 2020.

“Lamborghini Geeski” comes with a sleek video that finds Gee and his crew posted in front of three of the titular cars, popping champagne and letting it flow over their red, black, and white exteriors. The sky behind them is stormy, but Gee remains calm, giving the impression that he couldn’t be bothered to hurry up his flow, even if the beat moved twice as fast.

Watch EST Gee’s “Lamborghini Geeski” video above, and stream Bigger Than Life or Death below.