Exceptional Solo Act MAR Debuts Her Long-Awaited Debut Single Called “QUÉDATE”

The next queen of Latino Pop, MAR, burst into the scene with a well-produced sensual track that dazzled all listeners as it’s called “QUÉDATE.” A sensational single that’s full of romantic verses, catchy Latino-inspired melodies and a one-of-a-kind performance by the glowing MAR, accumulating millions of views in no time!

QUÉDATE” is also accompanied by a fantastic music video that extends the intricate details of MAR’s expressions onto the screen, offering a complementary video to the song. The multi-talented MAR is seen getting familiar with her long-haired hunk and the pair continue showing off their attraction in a beautiful manner. 

Although MAR is only starting her solo career and releasing her music for the first time ever, it doesn’t mean she is a newcomer to music at all! In fact, MAR’s musical history extends decades as she started playing the keyboard and writing lyrics before turning ten years old. Ever since her childhood years, MAR was determined to become a major star, which is what she’s doing right now with her brilliant music. 

Make sure to follow MAR’s rapid rise to the top as her debut single “QUÉDATE” headlines charts as one of the catchiest Latino-Pop tracks of all time.

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