Experience Lo’renzo To’rez’ Soulful Music Through “Closing The Door” And “Live Again”

Lo’renzo To’rez is an Ohio-based pop artist whose latest singles have caught much attention. “Live Again” And “Closing The Door” both explore romantic relationships in the artist’s typical melodic, emotional style. “Closing The Door” is centered around the painful feelings of having to end something while “Live Again” is focused on the hopeful aspect because every ending is a new beginning. 

Lo’renzo was first introduced to music production as a 13-year-old by his older brother. By the time he was 18, Lo’renzo was already recording professionally. He was featured in the Hip Hop Weekly magazine’s print copy of July 2016 for indie artist spotlight on “Live again” and was interviewed on “Closing The Door” by BuzzFeed. 

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