Flo Milli samples Dora the Explorer in new song “Backpack”

Flo Milli knows to have fun. Hell, we did a whole interview with the Mobile rapper on how she rode viral fame to an acclaimed, blossoming rap career (her 2020 project Ho, why is you here? was one of our favorite full-lengths of the year). So, when I tell you that her new song “Backpack” samples a song from the kid’s show Dora The Explorer, you should press play rather than roll your eyes. The wave it rides is undoubtedly a silly one, but the song crests into something genuinely catchy. In the video, streaming above, Flo dresses up like Dora and goes on an expedition around L.A. with an animated animal. Watch above, and for more ridiculous Flo Milli sample-flipping, check out her song “Roaring ’20s,” which interpolates “If I Were A Rich Man” from the musical Fiddler on the Roof.