flowerovlove releases A Mosh Pit In The Clouds EP

flowerovlove releases <i>A Mosh Pit In The Clouds</i> EP



London-based flowerovlove has just self-released her newest EP, A Most Pit In The Clouds. The project follows her 5-track Think Flower EP from May 2021.

DIY artist flowerovlove doesn’t normally stick to one genre. Her breakout single “Malibu” was a rap track, then she ricocheted from neo-soul to bedroom pop in previously-released songs like “Kiss & Chase” and “Hannah Montana.”

A Most Pit In The Clouds hones in on her pop-punk influences, creating dreamlike atmospheres between her intoxicating vocals. In a statement, floweovlove says, “A Mosh Pit In The Clouds is an experience to me. It’s an invitation to flowerovlove. It’s full of immense intent nostalgia and hiraeth. Each song is intentionally placed for your adventure. I want people to feel and live into the mosh pit but to lay in the clouds too.”