For Those I Love announce debut album details

For Those I Love announce debut album details Faolán Carey

For Those I Love, the solo project of Dublin-based artist and producer David Balfe, will release its debut album next month. For Those I Love is due on March 26 via September Recordings and is preceded by new song “Birthday/The Pain.” That song is streaming below.

Balfe first emerged in 202 with “I Have A Love” and followed it up with the searing “Top Scheme.” For Those I Love was written in response to the death of a friend of Balfe, former bandmate, Paul Curran, who passed away in 2018. Balfe holed up in his home studio following the death and began work on a project that would not only pay tribute to Curran but also touch on past trauma as well as the socio-political situation in the working class area he grew up in.

“BirthdayThe Pain” is described by Balfe as being about “the fallout of a violent death,” he witnessed as a child. “It’s such a haunting burden at that age, and still is. ‘Birthday / The Pain’ recalls that moment, the desperation of trying to make sense of it as a child, and what it’d mean for me growing up against that backdrop.”

The video was created using photogrammetry, the process of taking thousands of photos and stitching them together using AI to produce giant 3D models. Check it out below.