Fred again… forges a duet with Jessie Reyez on “Jessie (I Miss You)”

Fred again… is on fire this year. Back in May, the London producer dropped a new EP, Actual Life, a project built out of snippets from the content deluge. Be it father-to-son devotionals or stoplight karaoke moments, he’s proven himself adept at repurposing the seemingly quotidian into deeply intriguing dance moments. He’s continuing down that path on his latest, “Jessie (I Miss You),” which is out today. The track finds him elaborating on a voice memo from Jessie Reyez, turning it into a duet of sorts. It follows his recent production work on Romy Madley Croft’s new single, “Lifetime.”

Watch the new video for “Jessie (I Miss You)” above, and hear Actual Life below.