Fred again..’s Buzzworthy Boiler Room Set is Now on Youtube

Fred again.. rise to the top continues of the dance music world continues. This time, the British singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer comes to Youtube with his set at the legendary Boiler Room club in London. The set is full of unreleased music by the man himself as you can see in the tracklist.

Since its first release in 2019, Fred again..’s popularity consistently went upward. Last year, his song ‘Marea (we’ve lost dancing)‘ totally blew up, accumulating more than 100 million streams on Spotify in only a few months. Fred’s music is so refreshing and resonates with a lot of people, young and old. Moreover, his personality is so wholesome and we’ve heard nothing but good words from the folks that met him. Now, everything related to him gets people excited, and this set from the Boiler Room is no different.

The tracklist of Fred again..’s set at the Boiler Room in London shows a lot of IDs. A few of them stand out: called ‘Rumble‘, the Swedish House Mafia collaboration and intro track ‘Not Alone‘, and two other IDs with Skrillex with one named ‘Baby Again‘ with Fourtet. Obviously, this set demonstrates how Fred again..’s notoriety has skyrocketed in the past few months, as he sits on a few collaborations with EDM’s most prominent artists. The future looks very bright for him.

The video has almost 1M views in less than a week, which is remarkable. You can watch Fred again..’s full performance at the Boiler Room in London below.

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