Freekbass: Exlusive EDMsauce Interview

­Freekbass has appeared on the Electronic Music scene as an innovative and refreshing addition, taking the genre by storm with stellar releases and unique displays of his creativity. With a sound that takes influences from an array of genres, including Funk, Disco, and Dance, it is no surprise that listeners continue to resonate with his music, intrigued by his magnetic sonic persona and captivating energy.


Now, in this exclusive interview, we dive deeper into this exciting talent to discover more about his musical journey and the milestone moments that have supported his growth within Electronic Music.


Hi Freekbass, it’s a pleasure to meet you! How have you been?


Hello! Nice to meet you too. I’ve been great…very busy…but very good!


What was the inspiration behind your decision to become a bass player?

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I was always drawn to the tones of the bass. I remember being very young with my father at a hardware store and a person walked past the big front window playing “More Bounce To The Ounce” by Zapp on their Boombox. I didn’t even know what I was hearing, but the sounds of that bass were something I felt drawn to and knew I had to find out what it was. A year or so later in grade school, a jazz band came to our school to perform, and they sat me in front of the bassist. I heard that sound again and once I knew what the instrument was, I was destined to play it.


What were some of your early career achievements that helped you gain a reputation as a performing musician?


Meeting and being produced and mentored by funk legend Bootsy Collins was definitely a game-changer for me. Bootsy gave me the tools and knowledge to produce and record. I thought I’d learn all of this cool bass stuff from Bootsy (which there was that) but it was mostly how to use an AKAI MPC-2000, how to sample and create beats, and how to record and mix songs. Also, I toured a lot right after high school, so that gave me a lot of opportunities to play in front of new audiences, in different environments.


How do you feel your rich history in Funk shaped your musical success?

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Funk is a style of music that is always evolving and adapting. For me, folks from George Clinton to James Brown to Sly Stone were always inventing and reinventing themselves which inspired me. Plus, all of the rhythmic and harmonic disciplines from Funk give you the tools to move in lots of musical circles.


What was the ‘moment’ you decided to start performing as a one-man band using a loop station and adding in live instrumentation?


I’ve been using loop station foot pedals for almost as long as I’ve been playing bass. When Roland came out with the RC-505 a few years ago, it was a game-changer for me. I could “mix”, similar to a DJ, with beats and grooves while adding my bass to these grooves on the fly. I started off by doing live-streaming on Twitch and on TikTok (which I still do). I had a couple of live promoters reach out who had seen my live streams and asked if I could do it live. My big debut was at the Sacred Rose Festival in Chicago a couple of years ago. I was on a stage with all the DJs and Producers, and it was a very natural fit. The response was overwhelming, and I’ve been doing more and more of these shows ever since.


Having toured and worked with many bands, would you say that these experiences have developed you into a more versatile creator?


Very much so. One project I toured with really opened me up as a creator and musician. I toured with a project called Headtronics. The core was DJ Logic, Steve Molitz(Particle), and me. Bernie Worrell (P-Funk/Talking Heads) did some dates with us when Steve wasn’t available, and DJ Spooky did Moogfest with us. Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses) did a run with us too. Every show was 100% improvised. Logic would start a beat, I would create a groove based off the beat, and Steve or Bernie would lay their synths on top. It was almost like Electronic Jazz & Funk, and that gave me so many tools as a songwriter.

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Can you share some memorable moments or highlights from your live performances or tours?


I mentioned Moogfest before, which was a whole festival dedicated to celebrating the Synth iconic company MOOG. It took place in Asheville, NC. My set, with Headtronics, was music legend Bernie Worrell (who was getting the lifetime achievement award from MOOG at the festival), DJ Spooky, and myself. With Bernie receiving the award, publications like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal were there covering the festival and Bernie. The gig was surreal and incredible, and it was the first time I got mentioned in the New York Times which was wild.


How does it feel to be crowned a winner of the ‘TikTok Live Fest’?


Another very surreal experience. I only started live-streaming on TikTok last year, and it grew a lot quicker than I expected. My community there is incredible, and I am making new beats, grooves, and compositions every stream. When I first started ranking, I didn’t even realize I was in a contest at first. When I saw we were climbing my incredible community rallied. In what seemed like a marathon, I was named a Top 30 Award Winner out of all global creators on TikTok.  I was invited to the TikTokLive Awards in Los Angeles and visited TikTok headquarters in California to perform and live-stream. It was incredibly inspiring and felt like a wild dream.

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How do you feel your music has impacted the Funk and Electronic Music community?


I think, being both an instrumentalist/bassist with my Funk background might bring some unique approaches to the genre. Whenever I need to quickly explain to someone not familiar with what I do, I say think of a DJ/Producer who plays bass. Almost as long as I’ve been playing bass, I’ve been creating beats and loops, so this is a space I feel very comfortable and inspired in.


What future projects or performances can we look forward to from Freekbass soon?


I’ve been releasing one single per month based off of music created on my TikTok Lives. This has kept me disciplined in the studio, while still balancing my live performances. I plan to continue creating beats and grooves, with an eye on collaborating with other Producers and DJs. I hope to play many more festivals and club dates heading into next year all over the planet.


On a trajectory that is sure to see his reputation grow even further, Freekbass is no doubt one to keep an eye on as he continues carving a distinct way within Electronic Music. So, as we close out our interview, we thank Freekbass for his time and eagerly encourage you to keep up-to-date with him by following him across social media.

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