Giselle Niemand Hints At Upcoming Single “Later” As A Follow-Up To “Lovers Do”

Giselle Niemand lovers do

Emerging from South Africa, Giselle Niemand, introduces her debut single “Lovers Do.” Shaped under the guidance of Emmanuel “Manny” Mijares, an accomplished songwriter and film executive producer celebrated for multiple platinum records, this initial release underscores the limitless capabilities of this budding star. Despite being a mere 13 years old, the singer and actress has already left a notable impression on the sector, imprinting a memorable legacy.

Dominating the center stage, Giselle Niemand captivates the crowd with her exceptional vocal abilities, leaving them entranced by her sheer musical brilliance. Her voice seamlessly entwines with the lyrics, “Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If I say I want it too/ Wanna do what friends don’t do/ What Lovers do/ Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If you don’t I’ll make that move/ Thinking me and you should do/ What Lovers do.” 

With every show, Giselle ensnares her viewers in an emotional vortex, igniting their hearts and captivating their souls. Unbounded by conventions, Giselle embodies unbridled passion, shattering expectations and societal boundaries. Her artistry goes beyond norms, fearlessly advocating for love and aspirations, imprinting a deep influence on her audience. Her performance inspires them to embrace authentic self-expression.

Debuting at New York Fashion Week, “Lover Do” quickly captured hearts, soaring to the top of digital charts. Currently, Niemand is gearing up for her upcoming track, “Later,” a song that not only keeps the flow going but also prompts listeners to trust their gut, embrace feelings, and seize opportunities.

Check out the music video below:

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