Grandtheft teams up with Jazz Cartier on “B.I.G.”

Producer Grandtheft shared his latest single, “B.I.G.” alongside Toronto-based rapper Jazz Cartier, on Friday. On the heels of signing to A-Trak’s Brooklyn-based label Fool’s Gold, the producer shared the anthemic track full of blaring horns, crisp hi-hats, and a booming bassline underpinning Cartier’s braggadocious delivery.

“’B.I.G.’ is about intention—it’s about dreaming big, stating your goals out loud, and taking risks to get you where you’re going,” says Grandtheft in a statement about the track. “These massive soul stabs and the anthemic chorus should motivate you to break through any walls standing in the path to attaining what you strive for most in life.”

On the track, Cartier positions himself as one of Toronto’s best, naming influences including the track’s namesake, The Notorious B.I.G., Michael Jackson, and Prince, along with the hope to reach their legendary status. “This song is one of a couple dozen that Grandtheft and I worked on over two months,” says Jazz Cartier about the track. “We would have sessions, just create on the spot, and the chemistry was natural. I pushed him out of his comfort zone and he did the same for me.”

On the producer’s recent signing to Fool’s Gold, co-founded A-Trak says the pairing was natural and a long time coming. “​​I’ve known Grandtheft for even longer than Fool’s Gold has existed, going back to our Montreal days. So it feels great to find a project of his that fits so well on our label,” he said. “He represents our ethos: a versatile DJ who creates fun, unique tracks without worrying too much about trends.”

Stream the track above.