Grum Releases New Single On His Being Label, ‘HIGHER STATE’

New Progressive bliss for your ears, from one of the greatest Scottish acts out there.

We’re absolutely delighted to kick off this week on such a high note as this. Progressive master Grum has just unveiled a brand-new arrangement on his newly founded imprint Being, ‘HIGHER STATE‘. As is the case with the rest of his latest releases, we’ve been blessed with a minimalistic composition that focuses on what analogue machines can provide.

Now focused on artistic freedom, he’s all-in on the sounds that once shaped the very sound of our industry, borrowing atmospheres and techniques from the early 2000s and before. What’s more, this approach to music production, we shared a while ago, would eventually lead to a 2024 full of live touring, one in which Grum would ditch the laptop to control and remix his tunes live, on the spot. Well, that’s a reality now. More info on that below.


Grum’s new track ‘HIGHER STATE‘ comes packed with nostalgia. Crafted from the ground up, this song starts from the very conception of a single sound, and builds up from there. Evolving into a beautiful four-on-the-floor piece, the artist made sure to give sense and reason to every element present, which there are not that many of, and which, at the same time, fill up the space in elegant motion.

Trancy plucks, hypnotising delays, abstract vocals, saws, and machine-programmed percussion, everything comes in a handy little package this time. The entire song and its elements come together in a way that only an artist with the calibre of Grum could craft.

Grum On Tour

Catch the Scottish star across the US and Canada these coming weeks! Don’t miss the chance to watch him and his stylish machinery live on stage at venues such as It’ll Do in Dallas, Spybar in Chicago, or Audio in San Fran. Check out the full schedule below:

Listen to ‘HIGHER STATE‘ below for your beloved Spotify play. Alternatively, click here to stream the track on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our dearly loved Dance music industry.