Hardwell Melts Down After Equipment Fails at SAGA Festival

Drama ensues! World-Known Dutch DJ and producer Hardwell decided to call out SAGA Festival during his set on day one. It seems like equipment was malfunctioning so he decided to stop his set, grab the mic, cuss out the event, and acusse them of not paying him for his involvement. However SAGA clapped back at him on social media. The festival is currently taking place in Bucharest July 5-7. In addition, it offers a wide array of artists ranging from Nicki Minaj, Armin van Buuren, Deborah de Luca, and more.

Hardwell at SAGA

As seen above, Hardwell addresses the crowd and puts the organizers on blast for the equipment failure. Moreover, the artists claims the festival did not pay him for his set but he still went there to perform as his commitment for his fans outweighted the inconvinience.

Nevertheless, the festival was quick to fact-check Hardwell’s hard claims. Per below, the festival explains that had the DJ brought it to attention that the equipment was faulty, they would’ve rushed to help and make sure his set ran smoothly. Furthermore, they stated that the equipment came to Romania from the Netherlands, at the same time the DJ traveled to the event. Lastly, the organizers claim that the DJ was indeed paid, and the stage was functional for another major Headliner Will Sparks. Saga emphasized that other big names in the industry performed in all other stages without any issue.

What team are you on? Was Hardwell on the right to call out the event halfway through his set? Should we believe the SAGA’s claims that they would’ve cooperated with the artist? Did he get paid? So many questions, so little answers. We hope that we can find the truth in the situation and have both parties receive their best outcome, whatever it may be.