Hayz: Navigating the Tides of Love and Life in “One Time Lover”

one time lover hayz

In the heart of the Canadian music scene, a new voice resonates with a blend of raw honesty and rhythmic prowess. Hayz, a multi-faceted artist from Northern BC, now unveils his latest creation, “One Time Lover“, a track that navigates the turbulent waters of fleeting romance and the consequences that follow.

Born in Prince George and shaped by the diverse cultures of Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles, Hayz’s musical journey is a tale of resilience. His life, peppered with legal challenges and societal obstacles, found solace and expression in music. From journal entries to rap verses, Hayz’s story is one of transformation, where adversity fuels creativity.

“One Time Lover” is not just a song; it’s a reflection of Hayz‘s life experiences. The track’s hook, “And I’m in town just for one night, to lay you down and fuck all night, think you could be this one time lover,” is a candid portrayal of transient connections, set against the backdrop of LA’s neon-lit streets. The song captures the essence of Hayz’s journey—a quest for meaning in a world of fleeting pleasures and temporary bonds.

This latest release showcases Hayz‘s evolution from a rapper to a multifaceted artist. Moving to Toronto, he honed not just his rapping skills but also his singing, adding a new layer of depth to his music. “One Time Lover” is a testament to this growth, with its melodic flows and introspective lyrics that resonate with the heartaches and triumphs of love.

Inspired by trailblazers like Drake and J. Cole, Hayz‘s music is a beacon for the underdogs, a voice for the overlooked. His creative process thrives in solitude, where emotions and reflections shape his art. It’s this dedication to authenticity that makes “One Time Lover” a compelling listen. The track is a journey through Hayz’s mind, echoing the sentiments of those who have loved and lost in the pursuit of something more profound.

Hayz‘s previous work, including the notable Nothin 2 Somethin LP, laid the groundwork for a narrative of overcoming obstacles. “One Time Lover” continues this narrative, promising a deeper dive into the complexities of human emotions and relationships. It’s a song that speaks not only to the lovers of the night but also to those seeking a connection in a disconnected world.

In “One Time Lover”, Hayz’s lyrics unravel the aftermath of a fleeting romance, from the passion of a night in LA to the unexpected turns life takes. The chorus, “but every time I’m in LA, I try to hide you find a way, guess you won’t be my one time lover,” is a raw admission of the unpredictability of love and life. It’s a story of grappling with the consequences of one’s actions, set to a rhythm that beats with the pulse of Hayz’s own experiences.

As Hayz continues to carve his path in the music industry, “One Time Lover” stands as a powerful testament to his journey. It’s a track that not only showcases his talent but also his courage to confront the complexities of life through music. With each verse and chorus, Hayz invites listeners into his world, offering a glimpse of a life lived in the pursuit of art, understanding, and connection.

Discover “One Time Lover” below :