Hazeline Taffe Exudes Deep Messages In Her Latest Album “The Holy Awakening”

One of the most impactful Chrisitian singers Hazeline Taffe produced yet another magnificent fusion of gospel, soul and r&b in her new album titled “The Holy Awakening.” Each song touches on a specific biblical message that includes hope, grace, faith, truth, redemption, healing, honor, and salvation as the talented singer brings them alive with her soothing voice and impressive presence in each line. 

The Canadian singer-songwriter talked about the inspiration behind “The Holy Awakening,” saying, “The album is an awakening and enlightening through the writer’s voice, you can see how she expressed her innermost thoughts through her poetry and affirmation to God.” She further explained that the chosen themes are connected in a way as it relates to human experiences and intersectionality that individuals encounter in their lives. 

Hazeline Taffe has a penetrating voice that is backed by the might of God as she spends the rest of her days spreading his important message and teaching. Her latest album “The Holy Awakening” is now out and available to purchase and stream.

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