Hipster Conspiracy Sweeps Into The Spotlight With Her 11-track Album Dysphoria

Hipster Conspiracy is sweeping into the spotlight with her 11-track album Dysphoria – a strong, brave and honest collection of self-assured tunes. On the LP, Hipster Conspiracy faces her inner nemesis and meets it on the battleground. 

As the press release notes ‘Dysphoria is a sonic testimony of her struggles with substance abuse, mental health issues, and especially the struggle to accept her identity as a transgender woman.’ 

The artist exmplained, that ‘her life changed when she accepted her identity as a transgender woman, and the main drive behind her desire to share her journey is her hope that it might help other people struggling with similar issues, especially for those that are isolated or feel alone’. 

Dysphoria in an intriguing way mixes indie, rock, and hip-hop, both when it comes to composing music, and delivering vocals. Hipster Conspiracy sings, and raps her deep lyrics putting listeners into her mysterious and dark fantasy.