Iceage share video for new track “Shelter Song”

Copenhagen group Iceage are sharing “Shelter Song,” their third single and sorta-eponymous single from their upcoming album Seek Shelter. Like their previous song “Vendetta,” “Shelter Song” hints that Iceage have been listening to a lot of British pop music from the ’90s in the three years since sharing their album Beyondless. Looks good on them, though! Lisboa Gospel Collective provides vocals on the swelling chorus of “Shelter,” and they really, really hit when combined with the video, a celebration of love, human touch, and connection. Check it out above.

Catherine Pattinama Coleman, director of the “Shelter” clip, discussed her involvement in a press statement:

Iceage asked me if I wanted to direct the video for ‘Shelter Song.’ As a childhood friend of theirs, it was important for me to showcase our friendship and the people we share everyday life with. So instead of making a video full of symbolism or a staged performance, I wanted to make a private and personal video close to our hearts. After a crazy year of COVID-19, the world in flames and structural racism peaking at such an extent, I wanted to create a meaningful piece, especially being a woman of color and fully in my third trimester. In the midst of a pandemic it’s important to remember that those of us who are privileged enough to have a roof over our heads, food, security, love and care, is something of great value. Love is not something one should not take for granted.

Seek Shelter is out May 7.

Thumbnail photo by Jonas Bang