IceBeatChillz Shares His Career Highlight – The Music Video For His Single “Area”

It’s no small feat to make music sound this fresh nowadays amidst all that trap and emo-rap songs that are so popular now. But with “Area,” the Nigerian rising artist and music producer Icebeatchillz shows his delicate taste, his friendship with Dancehall legend Beenie Man, Jamaican roots, his utmost sense of the beat, and a rare ability of an artist to create music that deserves the replay button treatment over and over.The smooth touches of R&B, the nostalgic elements of Dancehall and Reggae, and the impeccable rhythm that the two artists produce offer comfort with their familiarity and still manage to feel progressive with the 2020 take on these classic elements of an iconic music era.

Check out the uplifting summer-filled song to listen to and the sizzling-hot music video to watch this winter below: