ILLENIUM Announces TRILOGY Show at Brand New Las Vegas Stadium

ILLENIUM curates “Trilogy,” a 3 hour show containing 3 sets for each one of his albums “Ashes,” “Awake,” and “Ascend.” Trilogy is set to happen at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on July 3rd only giving fans a few months to stir up travel plans. We’re assuming these dates were a result of ILLENIUM’s busy plans this fall with his Weekend at Red Rocks and his very own curated event . Reportedly this is the first concert to take place at the state of the art new stadium.

Trilogy is just one of the many head-lining events ILLENIUM has announced this year. After COVID-19 restrictions event coordinators have not held back and ILLENIUM and his team are not far behind. The 3 album show has been on ILLENIUM’s mind for awhile according his instagram story Wednesday night. He made the announcement shortly after his teasers. This is what ILLENIUM said:

Tickets will be available in just a few days on the 24th. Ember Shores and Red Rocks sold out on release day. Lets see if ILLENIUM can sell out his biggest year yet.