ILLENIUM Responds to Uproar Over AI Show Graphic

The world in the age of AI continues to feel like trial and error visions of the future. Melodic Bass artist ILLENIUM is learning that the hard way right about now. In simple words, The Illinois native received harsh critiques from fans, as he used an AI poster to announce his upcoming show dates in San Francisco. Nevertheless, the DJ decided to explain the stylistic choice and promised new artwork.

AI Poster

The now-deleted poster has some noticeable features that many fans disliked. Furthermore, ILLENIUM blames his management for having bad taste and choosing the AI version for the final poster, claiming that the team still worked with a paid designer. However, the fans didn’t buy his apology and tore him up a little.

Nevertheless, San Francisco is stoked to have ILLENIUM play two weekends. The ‘Good Things Fall Apart‘ creator will grace the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium July 19-20 and July 26-27. Next time we will have a nicer poster.

More About Illenium

ILLENIUM, a Denver-based producer, weaves sonic spells that have captivated the electronic music world. His melodies dance atop the U.S. dance charts, with over 5 billion streams swirling in their wake. Imagine headlining the world’s grandest festivals, bathed in the glow of a thousand dreams – that’s ILLENIUM’s reality.

His debut album, ‘Ashes,’ in 2016, sparked a fire that blossomed into the mainstream with ‘Awake‘ in 2017. This record housed classics like ‘Crawl Outta Love‘, ‘Fractures‘, and the feel-good anthem ‘Feel Good‘ with Gryffin and Daya. Critically acclaimed and a runaway success, ‘Awake‘ topped the iTunes Top Electronic Albums Chart in a dozen countries, its melodies echoing with over 100 million streams.

2019 saw the release of Ascend, ILLENIUM’s third full-length masterpiece and his major label debut. This sonic tapestry became one of the year’s biggest electronic releases, with a collective billion streams washing over the world.As a result, the album climbed to the top of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Moreover, it secured a coveted Top 20 spot on the Billboard 200.

Recognized by Billboard as one of the Top Dance/Electronic Artists of the 2010s, ILLENIUM’s live show is a vibrant tapestry brought to life. Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, EDC – he’s painted these iconic festivals with his music. The 2019 Ascend Tour, featuring a five-piece band, became a pilgrimage, selling out landmark venues like Madison Square Garden, STAPLES Center, and a legendary three-night stand at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. (source)