In The Name Of Love, Hadi Drops His New Pop Anthem “Love You Again”

“Love You Again” is the new soul-stirring and at the same time heartwarming release from the young Finnish singer-songwriter Hadi. The song is filled with endless sensuality and infinite care. Hadi’s voice gives an utmost, intimate vibe to it. You’ll be captivated by the flow of emotions and charmed by the artist’s openness. 

Hadi sings his heart out, caresses with his sweet voice and strong vocals, overflowing you with sweet feelings. “Love You Again” is personal to the point of making the listener uncomfortable and probably thanks to it, hits to the core. The artist shines with his whole charisma and charm, his vibe is irresistible, and soon enough, you will find yourself hypnotized by the otherworldly energy of the song. 

“Love You Again” comes to remind us of the importance of love, and will make you want to hug the person you love and never let them go, “dance them to the end of love,” as Cohen sings in the famous verse. Hadi sings love, and by talking about the intimacy two people can share, he creates his own world of sensuality filled with the energy of sincere devotion, uncontrollable care, and beautiful recognition of love.