Innovative Artist Glacier Releases Hot Single ‘Not Rly’

We’ve got a lovely new tune for you today.

You’re going to like this one. Multifaceted artist Glacier, musical persona of Elliot, a multi-instrumentalist renowned for his unique fusion of Electronic and acoustic elements, recently unleashed his latest single, ‘Not Rly‘. And following his core design style, he’s gone ahead and explored a world much deeper than what meets the eye — the ear — at first glance.

Driven by a lifelong passion for music, Glacier’s journey began in childhood, evolving through diverse influences and cultural encounters. His sonic palette defies categorization, fusing Electronic, Jazz, Ambient, and Rock influences into a fluid sound. And you could say his sound and philosophy have seen a proper return on investment. For instance, his single ‘Still’ was prominently featured in the famous game Rocket League, and he also won a remix competition held by Monstercat, Jauz and Pegboard Nerds.

‘Not Rly’

The track encapsulates the feeling of doubt, providing a comforting yet contemplative experience. The song’s deeply personal lyrics “inhale all the air, not truly elsewhere, here I have you, lost but we have two“, underscore the beauty of the unknown and the importance of separating the thought of another timeframe and the present. Glacier explains the single is all about acknowledging you’re living the here and the now. In his own words:

“‘Not Rly’ focuses on taking a big, deep breath and realizing that you’re not where you’re dreaming about, you’re right here.”


Not only does the song have a deep meaning underneath, but it also sounds mint on the surface. Swingy, playing with the panning of several elements (and I’d dare to call it binaural panning even at times), happy chords, vocal chops and chords, and many, many more elements, will have you admiring the way this track was composed over and over.

Listen to Glacier’s ‘Not Rly‘ down below by hitting the ‘Play’ button on the Spotify player we’ve attached. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance industry.