[Interview] Kx5 Join Zane Lowe On Apple Music 1 For Details On Album, Origin, and LA Show

Kaskade and deadmau5, aka Kx5, joined Zane Lowe live on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new song ‘Alive‘. Check out some insight into the origin of their collaboration, what they admire about each other musically, and their forthcoming show at LA’s Memorial Coliseum. All this can be found on Apple Music. What’s more, they tease a proper full-length Kx5 album coming soon.

Here are some highlights from Zane Lowe’s interview.

Kaskade and deadmau5 on the Origin of Their Collaboration

Kaskade: Coming out of COVID, I think it was just lots of new ideas bumping around. [And] actually, I don’t know how it initially started. Joel, did you reach out to me? Did I reach out to… I don’t know, every time we see each other at a festival, we’re like, we should probably do this someday.

deadmau5: And every time we do moving forward, we should write it down so we can remember it six months later.

Kaskade and deadmau5 on the Likelihood of a Kx5 Album Coming

deadmau5: I’ll give you a 40% on that one, yeah. Confident.

Kaskade: I was thinking around 50%, but that’s good. 40%. I like it.

The Moniker We Never Knew We Needed

I think he just maybe didn’t really take the whole thing way too seriously. I don’t mean that in a weird way. I just mean he’s very easy going, easy to get along with and then not just for me. I think for a lot of people too. So he’s a man’s man.

deadmau5 on Why He Likes Collaborating with Kaskade

Lowe also reports it’s a recurring theme when Ryan comes over to work on releases they’ve got coming up. The duo will go out onto Lake Ontario and wake surf, having a good time. Instead of getting the working hard in the studio, they’ll get their creative juices through fun.

I mean dude, there’s not a better sound designer alive right now. This is one of the many reasons I work with him. That, and we have fun wakeboarding or wake-surfing.

Kaskade on Why He Likes Collaborating with deadmau5

Now About That Kx5 Show at LA’s Memorial Coliseum…

Kaskade: I mean doing it with Joel. I think that’s different. I think we’ve all played that place, I don’t know, way back when EDC was there. But to do it as our own headlining show I think is a special thing, just to bring electronic music back to that venue is a cool thing. I mean, I’ve lived in LA for a long time, so it’s part of the story here. I’m stoked to be one of the guys a part of bringing it back.

Listen to ‘Alive’ below if you haven’t already. Who’s excited for their LA show in December?

Source: Zane Lowe, Apple Music 1