Irish rapper Denise Chaila lives a medieval fantasy in her “Anseo” video

Rapper Denise Chaila, originally based in Limerick, introduces herself via a series of eclectic cultural reference points on her addictive new single “Anseo.” Depending on her mood she’s the “black James Bond,” “Sailor Moon remixed by Fela, or, if you’re feeling hungry for a local Irish delicacy, a “spice box.” Look that last one up and remember the joy of a 3 a.m. takeout after a long night of partying.

A series of bold descriptions like these require a similarly strong video and Chaila delivers in the “Anseo” video, premiering above. Decked out in chain mail, Chaila delivers her bars while serving Game of Thrones realness, firing off missives and wielding weaponry including a giant sword and an axe. She’s joined by Dublin rapper Jafaris and the pair show that chain mail and vast castles are no barrier to moving in time with a beat.

Speaking to The FADER about her video, Chaila said: “What you’re watching is a conspiracy of hope. I’m always looking for the common denominator between Tolkien, Tupac and mo teaghlach – my home. So everything you see from the joy to the fire, the armour, the castles and energy; all of it was made by a group of people who refuse to let each other’s dreams die. “Anseo” means “here.” So here is my confidence, here is my defiance, here are the things I care about, here is my blackness, here is how I dream. I am not a queen; I’m alive and it’s enough.”

“Anseo” is taken from Chaila’s debut mixtape Go Bravely, out now.