Isla Den – Sad Age

Montreal duo Ellie Manning + Michael Reale, aka Isla Den, debut the glistening first single from their new EP Virtual Garden, coming next month on Cascine. According to Isla Den's bio, the new record reimagines the project "as both band and utopian destination" (“when the world broke apart…this is where we came"), and the duo has succeeded in constructing a lush and alluring alternate reality, inhabiting a sweet spot between euphoric, rave-ready dream-trance and surreal hyperpop, that for me immediately evoked emotional vibes of Doss' beloved debut. "Sad Age", which features additional production by their Cascine labelmate Sun Angels, is a blissfully bittersweet introduction, and a welcome escape to Isla Den's world. Check the video, directed + edited by the group, below. Virtual Garden is out December 11th.