It’s All About Acceptance And Healing: Alisha Liston Drops “Beautiful Illusion”

Singer-songwriter Alisha Liston released her latest EP called “Beautiful Illusion” on August 27, and fans are already taking important messages from it. The collection consists of six songs and a bonus track, all of them focusing on self-acceptance. As the artist had mentioned herself, “Beautiful Illusion reminds us that it is okay to hurt.” The main idea behind the album is to remind people that they are capable of overcoming every obstacle on their way, and that such hardships are an essential part of becoming bigger and stronger. 

As the whole world is slowly returning back to life after numerous health and natural disasters witnessed in 2020, this tracklist gives the listener a perfect opportunity to find acceptance and healing through music.

In her song ‘Whose Definition,” Liston asks: “Why does my body and my size put a price onto my life?” raising numerous hot topics of our days like inclusiveness, positive body image, body shaming, sexism, and so much more. The artist makes sure to remind her listeners that they should not be defined by their looks, careers, or others’ opinion towards them.

Not only does the EP cover a variety of important topics, but it is also a mixture of different music styles. Whether one likes slow ballads or fast-paced dance themes, the collection itself is inclusive: everyone will find something that matches their vibe specifically.