Jaenga Returns with Mesmerizing EP, ‘Ancestors’

Following the impressive success of Jaenga’s groundbreaking 2022 EP Field Trip, Subcarbon Records eagerly announces the return of the versatile producer with his latest musical exploration, Ancestors. The EP marks a vibrant homecoming to Subcarbon Records, a label known for pushing the boundaries of innovation under the guidance of the duo Ganja White Night.

Ancestors is a four-track collection that invites listeners on a sonic odyssey. Jaenga’s signature blend of deep, resonant bass and intricate soundscapes spans the spectrum of electronic music. Listen in to the remarkable EP below.

Each track on Ancestors highlights Jaenga’s inspiration, innovative spirit and dedication to the art of electronic music and transport listeners on a journey that is sending waves through the bass music scene.

“I felt so inspired writing my “Toulambi” EP a few years back because the story of the Toulambi tribe was so interesting to me. A tribe living on an island, completely isolated from the rest of the world. Only knowing the friends, family, and technology that they’ve built and cultivated themselves. So I decided to revisit those roots with this new EP, “Ancestors.”

– Jaenga

With this latest offering, Jaenga extends an invitation to listeners to immerse themselves in an EP that not only resonates with the soul but also captivates the mind and moves the body, heralding a new chapter in the ever-expanding universe of electronic music.