Jeremy Olander Featured In HBO Series ‘Industry’

Jeremy Olander just got featured in the trailer for ‘Industry‘, a new HBO series. Directed by Lena Dunham, the show gives us a sexy, new spin on trading floors.

You can view the preview clip here. In it, a couple is seen dancing in a club to his track. Concurrently, another man is compiling an organization chart and listening to the same track. Curious to know the track? Well, it is Jeremy’s mix of ‘Letters‘ by Sailor & I and Eekkoo.

The song is quite fitting for the show’s tone. Deep and inviting, it pairs well with the sultry appeal that the director seems to be going for. In the video alone, the couple intimately eyes each other while dancing. That is something fans do while listening to Jeremy’s music too, no? We won’t spoil too much about the show, but it follows a group of hungry GenZers and their different positions at Pierpoint & Co. This leading London bank throws the kids into the tank of international finance.

This is an inside view of the high-stakes realm of trading, through the eyes of an outsider from New York. A sophisticated and diverse production is accompanied by a pressure-cooker environment and sensory blitz. The show also examines gender, race, class, and privilege in the workplace.

It’s not quite a reality TV show, but borders along the lines of a cult initiation. Check out ‘Industry’ and let us know how you like Olander’s musical contribution. A group of ruthless ruffians takes on the corporate world of finance in a gambit? Intriguing isn’t it?