L.A.-based rapper OHNO shares “Jugo”

L.A.-based artist OHNO shared his latest single, “Jugo” on Friday, a catchy, bass-heavy track with a simple but infectious hook.

Pairing his laid-back flow with the track’s synths and trap drums, the dark visuals find the rapper surrounded by his crew, cash, and an abundance of women, draping himself in the Mexican flag as a nod to his roots. Riding the wave of early YouTube success to his current home on Def Jam, the bilingual MC has long straddled between delivering bars in both English and Spanish.

“Jugo means Juice in English, and when you off the Juice you feel different, in a good way and everybody likes good,” he explained. “All we had to do was make the sounds right, and I feel really confident that the whole project is just that. It’s about to be next level. Being the only Mexican artist on DefJam means you got to drop some salsa in Spanish pa La Raza, so ‘Jugo’ felt right.”

Watch the video above.