Let’s Cross Our Fingers And Hope To Get The Same Enchanting Aura “Shine” By D’Lemor Has On Upcoming Album Your Lens Of Love

After releasing her debut single “Shine,” Poland-born, NYC-based artist D’Lemor announced her upcoming album, Your Lens of Love. As “Shine” is included in the album, it gives us the first taste and shows what we can expect from the album. The soft, smooth soundscapes, beautifully crafted details of the production, and magical touch of “Shine” give hope to get the same from Your Lens of Love. The voice of D’Lemor fills the atmosphere with hypnotizing purity and intimacy; her vocals can be sensual and inviting, intriguing and heart-pumping, mystical, and soul-stirring, but there is always a glimpse of brightness in every note she takes. Her energy is enchanting in “Shine,” so let’s cross our fingers and wait to see if we will get a similar atmospheric aura from her debut album Your Lens of Love.