Lexini Blanco Is Taking the Entertainment and Music Industries by Storm

The music and entertainment industries are two of the most competitive and highly saturated fields, making it harder to cement your spot. But this hasn’t stopped Lexini Blanco from reaching the top in these two industries. In just a few years, Lexini has broken into the music and entertainment industries and worked with industry bigwigs and legends like Snoop Dogg. Lexini has a song featuring Snoop Dogg, “Stack Up.” She has also worked with Layzie Bone, Art Laboe, Tracy T, J Stone Gunplay, and DJ Scream. 

Her unique music style and sound have helped her reach the top, with many praising her work. Lexini has close to 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her songs have over 500K streams, with one of her latest singles garnering 24K listens. 

Lexini’s sound is different. She creates music that comes from the heart and that everyone can relate to. She is using art as a tool for social change and inspiration. Lexini shares bits of her story and highlights issues affecting society.

Lexini says her goal is to create a better space for young people where they can seek shelter. She is showing creators and entrepreneurs that it is possible to reach your goals—you just need to work hard, believe in yourself, and stay focused. 

Lexini has encountered different challenges in life. But she has at no point given up on her dream, which has helped her get to where she is. She has overcome the various challenges she’s faced by having great people around her, great mentors, and a management team who keeps her focused and pushing forward. Through her music, she hopes to be the support system that others need, giving them the hope that they, too, can achieve their goals.

Lexini has had the opportunity to perform in various states in the US. She has done a solo tour, starting in Arizona and Texas and ending in Miami. Lexini had several sold-out shows on this tour. Her shows sold out at the Santa Ana Observatory and Novo in Los Angeles. She was also part of the DUB show tour, where she performed alongside YG, O.T Genesis, Kid Ink, and many others. 

As a SAG-AFTRA actress, Lexini features in the movie Bodied, directed by Joseph Khan and produced by Eminem. In the film, Lexini played Tanya, which she says was a great experience. Lexini acted alongside other rappers and learned more about the entertainment and music industry.

As she continues to build her brand, Lexini says she aims to create more music that fans can relate to and that she has a lot of produced music she is waiting to release. Lexini is also working on another tour. She recently launched her clothing brand and is now looking to start other business ventures, such as her own makeup brand and perfume line.

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Lexini Blanco has managed to break into two competitive industries as an independent creator. Her distinct style has helped her gain worldwide recognition. Her advice to up-and-coming artists is to invest in their brands and believe in themselves.