Lil Yachty’s “Poland” gets a video

Where were you when you first heard Lil Yachty’s short but poignant tale of taking the Wock to Poland? I was at my desk, getting ready to head out for the evening, but God and Yachty had other plans for me, and today is no different.

Exactly a week after its initial limited release on Soundcloud, on the same day as its hard opening on all major digital streaming platforms, and less than an hour before closing time at The FADER dot com, “Poland” has now received a Lyrical Lemonade visual treatment. The new video, directed by LL founder Cole Bennett himself, finds Yachty walking the streets of New York, hopping a turnstile at a subway station labelled “POLAND” (in the BDFM-train font), and posting up in front of a brownstone, a restaurant, and a luxury SUV. His outfit is classically goofy: masive white loafers, white tube socks, jean shorts, and a green hoodie with “Amis” and “CONTESTANT 80564” emblazoned on a large white patch front and center — as if he were waiting to appear before Randy, Simon, and Paula on an old episode of American Idol. The footage is interspersed with a visual of purple syrup pouring over a map of Eastern Europe. Watch it above.