Lime Garden’s “Pulp” video is an absurdist spy drama

U.K. band Lime Garden’s charmingly DIY video for new single “Pulp” is a throwback to classic caper movies. The focus of the video, and the propulsive indie disco banger it accompanies, is a man named Simon. Simon, vocalist Chloe Howard sings, with “blonde skin betwee his teeth” who says things like “Society is a test.” Naturally, the band want to know more.

This leads to the four piece using old school spy techniques, think big sunglasses, hiding behind a newspaper and lurking around street corners, to get close to the enigmatic Simon. That’s when things get a little messy and Simon ends up tied to a chair and being terrorized by the four members of Lime Garden.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Howard explained a little about the thinking behind the song and video: “The inspiration for ‘Pulp’ came from a slightly unnerving dream of a spooky man cloaked in orange pulp, tip-toeing and dancing through the streets at night,” she said. “We built the track around this absurd idea, with our efforts based on trying to mix the sweet adrenaline of a dance-filled club night, with feelings of unease and danger. It’s dark, yet upbeat and wonky, with wobbling bass and drums designed to capture the undulating streets he walks on. ‘Pulp was one of the first songs we wrote using Logic, and as primarily a guitar band it changed the way we work together creatively to form new ideas.”

Thumbnail image courtesy of Percy Walker-Smith.