Liquidfive Breaks Into Top 10 US Dance Charts Alongside Illenium and Galantis With “Veins”

In a surprising twist on the US iTunes dance charts, a new artist has captivated our attention and is poised to make a splash worldwide. “Veins,” a collaborative masterpiece between German dance-house sensation Liquidfive and the soul-stirring vocalist B Martin, has not only broken into the top 10, but is also just an absolute banger. This track is a concoction of energy, soul, and an undeniably sexy vibe.

Upon diving into Liquidfive’s YouTube channel, we were greeted with the official music video that defines sensuality. It’s not just a visual accompaniment to the song; it’s an extension of the track’s essence, blending passion with rhythm in a way that’s nothing short of magnetic. This video, much like the song it represents, is an invitation to experience music not just as sound but as an emotional journey.

The rise of Liquidfive to the upper echelons of the US dance charts is a testament to his meticulous approach to music production and  his strategic vision for the future. This patience and precision have clearly paid off, catapulting him to prominence as a top 10 US charting producer. With “Veins” making significant strides on Spotify and capturing the EDM community’s attention, Liquidfive’s trajectory in the dance music scene is starting to really pay off.

Brought together by Synergy Songs, the collaboration between Liquidfive, B Martin, and co-writer Scotty Grand has resulted in a track that’s both innovative and deeply resonant. Upon hearing the initial vocals, Liquidfive was convinced of the song’s potential, stating, “When I heard the vocals for the first time, I knew immediately that I was going to make something big out of it.” This intuition has clearly manifested into reality, with “Veins” setting the stage for what promises to be his biggest year to date.

We would love to see Liquidfive sharing the stage with legends such as The Weeknd, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris. Given the infectious energy of “Veins” and its rapid ascent in the charts, a collaboration or tour featuring these powerhouses would be a monumental event, blending styles and talents in a showcase of the best that dance music has to offer.

Do yourself a favor and check out “Veins” on Spotify and then watch the sexy music video on YouTube.